USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7)
Steamship Shieldhall
RFA Argus
Giuseppe Garibaldi Aircraft Carrier
SS African Enterprise
HMS Hermes with HMS Ardent
HMS Queen Elizabeth
RFA Lyme Bay and HMS Ocean
USS New York and USS Enterprise
Atlantic Conveyor
HMS Illustrious and HMS Bulwark
MV Olivine
Ise - Japanese Helicopter Destroyer / Aircraft Carrier
USSR Minsk
Japanese aircraft carrier Izumo with Japanese Coast Guard Cutter Yashima
HMS Victory
USS New York and USS Pearl Harbor
Royal Yacht Gothic
Pricincipe de Austurias
Sailing Ships in Harbour
HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark
MV Pompey Light
Cavour Aircraft Carrier
HMS Ark Royal
USS America LHA-6
SS Gothic
Indonesian Navy Banda Aceh (593) with the USCG Waesche
USS Pearl Harbor and USCG Diligence
HMNZ Canterbury
HNLMS Rotterdam L800
RSS Endurance
French Ship Foudre (L9011)
HMS Endurance
Ice Breakers Louis S St. Laurent and USGC Healey
USS Wilmington PG-8
USS Albany CL23
USS Cleveland C-19
USS Isabel PG16
USS Sacramento PG19
USCGC Campbell
USS Erie PG50
USCGC Bertholf with the Japan Coast Guard Cutter Yashima PLH22
Korean Coastguard Cutter 3006 and  USCGC Boutwell
USCGC Diligence with the USCGC Harriet Lane
ROCS Yilan CG128 Coast Guard Cutter
ICGV Thor Icelandic Coast Guard
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